Prashant joins LaserShip with 10 years of senior level management experience in logistics, operations and distribution. However, becoming a leader in the logistics field was not his original career goal when he came to the US from India in 2001. Immediately following 9/11, he was moved to serve in the United States Marine Corps.

During his 8 years in the Marines, Prashant saw multiple deployments, eventually serving in 28 different countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq. He learned six languages and acquired double military occupational specialties: Linguist and Supply Chain Specialist. His job was to go with a team and create forward operating bases from scratch, including: clearing the area, establishing perimeters, setting up the supply chain and building a base for military operations—a remarkably dangerous job on the front line of battle.

Prashant was discharged after eight years of military service, having received multiple injuries from combat deployment over the years. Later, he served on the security detail of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice before being injured again. After years of being on the front line, Prashant decided it was time to focus on college and a career, which led to a part-time job unloading trucks, followed by more than four years of promotions. All of this was built upon Prashant’s military experience, which taught him the ins and outs of warehousing, distribution, logistics and supply chain.

With LaserShip, Prashant will be responsible for LaserShip’s sort center and line haul divisions—key components of the company’s distribution system.

LaserShip is honored to have Prashant as part of the team, and thanks him for his service.