April 15, Duluth, GA — Annually DHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry, recognizes their organizational partners who are leading the way in industry innovation, support and other logistic categories. The much sought-after award for logistics innovation is the DHL Green & Digital Innovation Award.

Rconnect, the remote monitoring and performance improvement technology by Robopac, received this prestigious award for 2020. Rconnect was selected for this esteemed award because it is the most unique and technologically advanced remote monitoring system on the market.

Exclusive Rconnect allows you to remotely and safely monitor machine performance, review vital film usage statistics, reduce downtime by predicting potential maintenance issues, initiate service ticketing, and create custom diagnostic reporting.

Remote monitoring allows the end user to check whether their machines are in working condition (green light), or momentarily in alarm (red light) and take necessary steps to address performance. Performance statistics provide the ability to quickly see the number of wrapping cycles performed by the machine and film consumption. This information allows the end user to clearly understand their machines performance.

Rconnect has become an extension of your “inventory stretch film manager” by triggering a minimum order point and alerts you or your customer via email.

Predictive maintenance conditions have been set per machine in Rconnect for the number of hours required for each planned maintenance interval. This allows the end user or dealer to perform a mechanical maintenance check. Thanks to knowing the number of wrapped pallets, it is possible to intervene in advance on worn out parts, such as replacing turntable support casters or lubricating critical machine components.

If a Robopac machine has a problem that stops production, the machine initiates a service ticket via SMS message directly to your dealer technician who sees the problem on the Rconnect platform. The technician immediately troubleshoots the problem and if it is not solvable remotely arranges a service visit.

If a customer has different products, they would like to be ran on their machinery equipped with Rconnect, the customer can ship the product to Robopac USA’s TechLab for testing. Then, thanks to the Rconnect platform and USB drive, Robopac USA can upgrade the machine software with the remote connection and on-board USB drive.

ROBOPAC USA is the leader in the design, production, and service of secondary packaging machines and equipment. We offer a full line of configurable machinery to stretch wrap, pack, palletize, erect, and seal any product in the logistic industry.

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