Effective Communication with a Package Recipient Through Their Closed Door

Say goodbye to ineffective hand knocking and shouting messages towards doors. The logistics startup, Power Knock, is here to revolutionize the critical and totally overlooked aspect of last-mile deliveries: the attempted communication with a customer through their door.

Power Knock is a groundbreaking solution for communicating a driver's message through a closed door. This multi-patented technology enables quick driver messages such as “Knock Knock - XYZ Logistics - Package Delivery” to penetrate through any type of door (including metal, wood, glass, and thick heavy dense fire doors) to deep within a house or building. Consumers can now retrieve their packages at the moment of delivery, leaving potential package thieves empty-handed.

“Costly repetitive driver trips to the same address caused by customers 'not hearing' that a driver is at their door has also been a challenge in the industry”, said CEO Ken Wargon. “With Power Knock, customers are notified loudly and clearly of the driver's presence, thus eliminating time, labor, and energy intensive return trips for package pick-ups and signature release drop-offs”, said Wargon.

Power Knock represents a significant advancement over existing ineffective door communication methods. When a driver yells at a door, a substantial portion of the sound waves merely bounce back towards the driver. Similarly, when a driver strikes a door with their hand, a significant amount of the mechanical energy from the strike is absorbed by the door.

Sound generation is activated by briefly pressing a Power Knock enabled device against the surface of a door. This unique technology integrates into dedicated package delivery mobile devices, or may be used as a stand-alone small pocket-size device.

“Since delivery drivers routinely need to contact consumers through their closed doors, why not employ a state-of-the-art solution that ensures successful contact the first time?”, said Wargon, summing up the advantages of Power Knock.

Learn more about Power Knock last-mile logistics solutions including a video demonstration at PowerKnock.NET