Hebron, KY May 9, 2007 - Datalogic Automation, Inc. has the pleasure to announce that it recently

successfully implemented a variety of Datalogics fixed position bar code readers for book giant Barnes &

Noble to improve the operations of its west coast distribution center. The west coast center distributes its

merchandise not only to all of Barnes & Nobles retail stores on the west coast but also to Internet buyers in

this region as well.


Servicing both retail stores and Internet customers makes B&Ns distribution quite complicated and thus it is

essential that bar codes are read correctly so that the right customer gets the right order on time. Thats

where we here at Datalogic come in. describes Fabio Peruzzi, Project Manager for Datalogic Automation,



Barnes & Noble chose Datalogic scanners to use in its Reno, Nevada distribution facility, replacing a

competitors equipment that was formerly used in the facility. This implementation includes Datalogics

DS2400A, DS6300, DS6400, DX8200A scanners. Immediately upon implementation, Barnes & Noble saw

improved bar code read-rates in the whole building their retail shipping sorter went from 20% no-reads to

97% good reads with Datalogic scanners. In addition, Datalogics scanners are able to read bar codes that

are difficult to read by other scanners i.e. those that are different colors or resolutions and so B&N will

not lose track, misplace, or delay a package because a bar code is non-standard.


The professionals at B&N have been very easy to work with and they have a forward-thinking approach in

choosing to partner with and implement Datalogic scanners to improve their distribution process, says Craig

Kristoff, Datalogic Automation, Inc.s Northeast Regional Manager.


We are excited to be working with Barnes & Noble and are glad to provide reliable equipment to replace our

competitors systems. Datalogics long history of success implementing our top-of-the-line fixed position

scanners in distribution centers around the world helped us win this sale. Datalogic Automation offers the

best products available, incomparable service as well as tremendous long-term value for businesses that

implement our scanners, says Darrell Owen, the newly appointed American president of Datalogic

Automation, Inc.

About The Datalogic Group

The Datalogic Group is the third largest world manufacturer and leader in Europe for bar code readers,

rugged mobile computers, and RFID systems. Datalogic offers innovative business solutions, specifically in

the retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics markets.

The Group has been quoted on the techSTAR segment of the Italian stock exchange since 2001 as DAL.MI,

with headquarters located in Lippo di Calderara di Reno (Bologna). Datalogic has about 1900 employees

worldwide, in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the United States and the Pacific Rim. In 2006, the Datalogic

Group achieved revenues of over $519 million, an increase of 85% over the previous year. Please visit

www.datalogic.com for more information.

About Datalogic Automation

Datalogic Automation, part of the Datalogic Group, is the largest European manufacturer of Unattended

Scanning Systems and one of the major players in the world of automatic identification systems for the

industrial sector. The company offers a wide range of solutions in various industry divisions: from

manufacturing to the more complex aerospace technology, automotive, and scientific industries. Datalogic

Automation, headquartered in Lippo di Calderara di Reno (Bologna, Italy), includes three Business Units:

Unattended Scanning Systems (fixed scanners for the industrial market), Marking (laser marking system -

Laservall), and RFID (radiofrequency system EMS).