DULUTH, Ga., May 31, 2007 AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) has announced that Saia, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAIA), a leading less-than-truckload carrier that serves 34 states, has signed a three-year $3.45 million contract to provide the company with AT&Ts OneNet® voice services, Frame Relay and ATM network services, and Managed Internet Service (MIS) under a single integrated agreement. The renewed and expanded contract will provide voice, data and Internet solutions that connect Saias headquarters with its more than 150 terminal locations.


Saia offers the Xtreme Guarantee product, which delivers an industry-leading total-customer-satisfaction package. With Saias large regional and interregional coverage areas, employees must be able to access accurate customer information. To support this high standard of customer care, Saia depends on AT&Ts reliable communications network.


As Saia serves a broad customer base, on-time pickups and deliveries with accurate invoicing have become integral parts of what we strive to provide for our customers, said Mark Robinson, vice president and chief information officer. Network reliability is essential to helping us meet our customer needs and deliver on our Xtreme Guarantee promise, which is why we chose AT&T as our communications provider.


By using AT&Ts MIS network and High Speed Packet network for Frame Relay and ATM, Saia can focus on its core business while AT&T manages its Internet and data communications needs. AT&Ts MIS provides customers with reliable high speed Internet access that offers scalability and cost-efficiency. Furthermore, AT&Ts Frame Relay and ATM architecture enables customers to collaborate more efficiently and securely between locations. This network enables data transfer and critical applications, and it provides such security offerings as 24-hour monitoring and network rerouting capabilities, which ensure network availability.


About Saia, Inc.

Saia, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAIA) is a less-than-truckload provider of regional, interregional and guaranteed services covering 34 states. With headquarters in Duluth, Ga., and a network of 151 terminals, the carrier employs 8,200 people. For more information on Saia, Inc., visit www.saia.com.



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