The parcel industry is constantly adapting as e-commerce and the omni-channel marketplace continues to impact the supply chain industry. In order to meet consumer demands and expectations, parcel carriers are continually adjusting their rate calculations, packaging options, and delivery methods as companies are reevaluating their product offerings, shipping requirements, and transportation spend as the need for parcel optimization becomes crucial to business operations.

Chainalytics’ Parcel Spend Optimization service combines Chainalytics’ transportation market intelligence and proven methodologies to ensure our clients maintain their competitive advantage in an increasingly complex, volatile and global transportation environment.

We help companies forecast their budget through an in-depth analysis of carrier agreements across ground, domestic air and international air parcel spend. Furthermore, we assist organizations with the creation and execution of a comprehensive spend management strategy that optimizes rates and terms to reduce costs and refreshes carrier mix or consolidates carriers and agreements for volume and/or route leverage, administrative efficiency and consistency.

Additionally, Chainalytics delivers monthly parcel spend analytics to ensure your carriers are in compliance with the client agreement, and schedules periodic follow up to explore additional savings opportunities based on mode optimization results, time-in-transit studies and inbound or packaging analytics.

While transportation budgets are a major component of parcel spend, Chainalytics also helps companies alleviate the rising costs of parcel management with our packaging optimization services. Our packaging engineers use a holistic approach to assess how your current packaging affects your supply chain. We consider the entire packaging value chain to identify cost savings and sustainable improvement opportunities that lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Our proven packaging engineering methods rapidly identify solutions that minimize your upfront investment and provide you with desired results. We are passionate about designing packaging that is engineered to provide sufficient protection at optimal costs. Our experienced team of packaging engineers delivers value to our clients through our core capabilities that include innovative packaging design and development, breakthrough value engineering, impactful damage and waste reduction, and strategic packaging transformations.
Jim Haller is a Senior Manager of Transportation at Chainalytics with 30+ years of experience in the parcel and supply chain industry. Throughout his tenure, Jim has seen the parcel industry transform into its current state and continues to monitor parcel’s evolution and how it is impacted through globalization, technology disruption, eCommerce, government regulation, workforce challenges, fuel, packaging and freight audit challenges, lack of competition on the carrier side, and in the near future, vendor/distribution side. This year Jim will be speaking at the 2017 Parcel Forum at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville September 18th-20th. Join Jim as he covers what is occurring in the parcel world, what is being discussed, and what the future holds.

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