EAM-Mosca Corporation

EAM-Mosca Corporation is a high-performance strapping systems provider that has built an impressive product and market base in the parcel and distribution markets. The company’s product range spans solutions from operator cycled to fully automatic systems that strap cartons of varying sizes and configurations at high speed with minimal operator intervention.

High Performance and Productivity Goals
EAM-Mosca has placed over 25,000 machines in the Americas in industries as diverse as mailing, logistics, corrugated, protein, agriculture and more. EAM’s German parent company Mosca GmbH has been providing strapping solutions since 1966. The company’s objective is to build reliable, innovative strapping systems that perform reliably for millions of cycles over many years. EAM-Mosca also supplies strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance; technical support programs help customers meet performance and productivity goals.

Significant Cost Savings Possible
The high cycle efficiency of Mosca systems along with more secure seals often result in the ability to reduce strap sizes - cutting costs and contributing to improved sustainability. The high reliability of Mosca systems also means reduced downtime and improved deliverability. Utilizing strapping technology to unitize multiple cartons shipped to the same address can quickly contribute substantial cost savings.

Range of System Sizes and Automation Options
In addition to the entry-level Fusion walk-up model, EAM-Mosca offers the ROMP-6 Evolution operator cycled, walk-up strapper for hand-pick and off-line applications; and its inline, automated belt or roller conveyor top models for high-speed automated operations. Its compact footprint, high reliability and Mosca’s heat seal or proprietary ultra-sonic, tamper-evident seal make it a good fit for many applications. The Evolution product line offers a range of arch sizes, and can apply economical polypropylene strapping at speeds of up to 52 cycles per minute. The ROMP-6 Evolution is equipped with either a thermostatically controlled heat seal or Mosca's patented Sonixs technology, a smokeless ultrasonic welding process. The Evolution design includes a compact cabinet, side or front coil loading for convenient changeover, push-button strap threading, and a fully enclosed strap feed track for exceptionally reliable feeding.

New, TR-6 models with sophisticated control options feature the innovative Standard-6 precision Strap Path and direct drive sealer with sealed bearing construction. The control program can be tailored to meet individual needs and accessories are available to make it the best solution for high-volume, performance intensive applications. Consistent with Industry 4.0 technology, the TR-6 Series are capable of receiving instructions, being monitored and even serviced remotely via network.

The company offers no-cost demo programs and plant analysis for prospective customers.

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