GSO is a leading regional delivery provider offering Ground parcel and LTL service across California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. For over twenty years, our focus on a specific geographic footprint has enabled us to provide shippers with the flexibility, convenience, cost savings, and customer service that other carriers cannot match.

GSO Ground
Shippers can achieve next-day delivery over a much larger geography than the worldwide carriers at comparable published ground rates, and areas which require 3-4 days with the worldwide carriers can be reduced by at least a day.

GSO Freight
We simplify LTL shipments with our straightforward per-pallet pricing model and reduced transit times, while eliminating the complicated shipping routines that come with using a traditional freight vendor.

GSO Priority
Since 1995, we’ve provided shippers with Priority Overnight service for shipments needing 8:00am or 10:30am delivery with later pickup times, fewer accessorial fees, Saturday delivery, and significant costs savings when compared to the global carriers.

With 48 depots, a strategically located linehaul transfer facility, and multiple inter-regional hubs, we are able to ensure 1-2 day delivery across a vast geographical footprint while providing a high level of service to our customers. To meet the technological needs of shippers, GSO continuously invests in innovative technology that allows for integration with enterprise and third-party systems, real-time tracking, POD capture, and robust reporting capabilities.

Key benefits of using GSO for your West Coast shipments:
► Reduced transit times with next-day service across a vast geographical footprint
► Per-pallet rates and simplified labeling for LTL shipments
► Priority overnight delivery at nearly 40% less cost than the worldwide carriers
►  Innovative technology for more accountability
► Fewer and lower accessorial fees
► ETAs, email and text notifications
► Later pickup times and earlier arrivals
► Employee-based delivery model

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