Lasership, Inc.

There’s no doubt about it: fast and free shipping is imperative to the success of online retailers. Recent studies have shown that high shipping costs and long delivery times are among the top reasons shoppers would cancel an order, and that many shoppers browse products online based on the available shipping methods.

To make matters more complicated, it doesn’t help that the last mile is often the most complex. Pair rising consumer expectations with the complexities of the last-mile, and you can either have a recipe for e-commerce disaster, or you can achieve a competitive advantage.

The most successful retailers are leveraging partnerships with several delivery partners who have the right infrastructure and technology in place—including regional carriers like LaserShip.

LaserShip was founded in 1986 and is a leading and trusted provider of same-day, next-day, and Sunday delivery solutions for e-retailers, including five of the ten largest shippers in the U.S. Unlike national carriers, LaserShip is able to reduce transit times and increase flexibility within the supply chain.

LaserShip has 1,600 employees and partners with over 5,000 independent contractors with a passion for providing outstanding customer service. Together, we understand the unique challenges that come with delivering in densely populated cities, and the importance of speed as a key differentiator. That’s why for 31 years, LaserShip has been building a network of facilities strategically located within the largest and fastest growing metro areas in the Eastern U.S. With 60 operational facilities and four sorting hubs, LaserShip is able to deliver packages to over 100 million consumers throughout 20 states. LaserShip is continuously evolving in order to satisfy increasing consumer expectations and the growth of its e-commerce partners. This year, we launched our rebranded website, which will enable a customer service chat feature and option for consumers to receive tracking updates later this year. LaserShip will also complete relocating 14 of its facilities into larger locations this year to help increase throughput and meet the increasing number of residential e-commerce deliveries. LaserShip’s continued growth is done with one thing in mind: to be there where and when our customers need us.

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