NPI is proud to introduce Xstream, our high-speed, automated flats mail and parcel sorting solution. With throughputs up to 30,000 articles per hour, a modular design that facilitates future expansion, and an ergonomic footprint, Xstream makes flat and parcel automation faster and more efficient.

Xstream processes both Incoming and Outgoing articles with ease, including bagged, polywrapped, and otherwise non-machinable flats with ease. Xstream sorts a wide variety of articles weighting up to 70 lbs having dimensions up to 24” long, 17” wide, and 12” thick.

Xstream features two independent feed stations that easily accommodate plant rolling stock or may be alternately integrated with existing conveyor systems to expedite the presentation of articles into the process stream.

Xstream features state-of-the-art Barcode Reading (BCR) processes operating in a userfriendly Microsoft Windows based software environment. In addition, Xstream may be configured with a Weigh-On-Fly scale that supports Manifest Mailings. After weighing the articles (if equipped), reading the address blocks, or decoding the barcodes, articles are quickly and accurately sorted to output destinations according to he currently loaded sort plan.

In its basic, dual-sided configuration, Xstream features up to 120 sort destinations.Articles are transported by grooved conveyor belts until one or more carbon fiber blocks known as “shoes” move across the conveyor belt and gently push an article into the destination handling unit or takeaway conveyor. Handling units include but are not limited to tubs, sacks, gondolas, or gaylords.

Xstream is supported by time-tested software applications and utilities for system control and diagnostics, barcode processing, sort plan and report generation.

Xstream is the perfect solution for any processing environment, including but not limited to the following:
• Magazine Publishers 2013
• Postal Organizations
• Courier Companies
• E-Commerce Distributors
• Basic Material Handling Companies, and…
• You!

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