PITT OHIO is a service organization dedicated to providing high-value transportation and supply chain solutions to our customers. PITT OHIO is “Customer Driven, People Driven and Quality Driven.” As an organization we remain committed to innovating in every area of our company with our SUPPLY CHAIN, GROUND, LTL and TRUCKLOAD services. We strive to take it to the next level by providing diverse transportation solutions that help optimize your supply chain.

At PITT OHIO we understand that when it comes to small package shipping, one size does not fit all. We provide a more flexible alternative to your small package shipping and we are able to deliver a GROUND service that is customizable, reliable and more cost effective. Our GROUND service is able to extend your range of service based on volume to offer a competitive GROUND solution. We also specialize in handling non-conveyable products that you may have claims issues with today such as paint, liquids or rakes.

Our on-time performance for our GROUND service exceeds 97% and we have few damages with a shipment integrity that is better than the competition with 1 in 4000 packages experiencing a claim. For a seamless transition, complete integration services are ossible with our ShipStation shipping software and our dedicated customer service is available to provide you with quick resolution with any issue.

PITT OHIO’s customer-centric mindset has allowed us to give more customers what they want and need to be more competitive in the marketplace. This customer-centric mindset is evident with our participation in The Reliance Network (TRNET) an alliance consisting of ourselves and six other regional LTL carriers who provide service throughout North America.

PITT OHIO continually strives to provide the most reliable service and is committed to our customers, our employees, and our community; We’re Always There For You!

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