Solve your logistics problems without internal IT resources with RateLinx, a thought-leader in customized logistics management software and consulting. We help shippers procure, process and pay less for freight. The RateLinx solution standardizes carrier invoice, track & trace, shipment and order data into one dataset within 24 hours. Leveraging big data and providing analytics for increased visibility, you can solve freight management problems with Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM. With RateLinx, you can begin to manage logistics in 3D—Diagnose, Develop, and Deploy.

Diagnose problems easily with standardized data.
RateLinx is the only logistics software provider to create clean actionable data with no IT required. We automate the known decisions and then collaborate with you on the unknown to determine where action needs to be taken.

First, we diagnose your current situation. Starting with clean, standardized data from Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM (IIM), we use analytics to create actionable data to identify where decisions need to be made and actions taken. Strategy and execution can be fine-tuned to save millions of dollars.

Develop strategies and gain visibility with actionable data.
Guided by IIM’s standardized data, the Predictive Modeling & Analytics engine helps you develop strategies to address the underlying problems and reduce costs. Strategies are tested in the modeling environment to ensure positive outcomes and reveal any unintended consequences before changes are made.

Deploy strategies to become a shipper of choice.
Expand beyond what you are doing today and deploy strategies that will create competitive advantage. As you manage logistics in 3D—Diagnose, Develop and Deploy. In real time, IIM provides clean, standardized data for transparency while the ShipLinx analytics engine provides insights on each shipment to measure and monitor the success and compliance of the deployed strategy. Integrate these insights into your logistics management for smarter results. That’s why we call it Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM. ShipLinx modules can augment your current environment or can be deployed as a full TMS for greater efficiency and savings.

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