Spend Management Experts

With transportation, distribution and fulfillment costs soaring due to a rapidly changing business environment, even the most sophisticated supply chain operations are frequently overpaying. Achieving a competitive advantage in a dynamic global marketplace requires efficient supply chain operations.

Spend Management Experts can help you optimize your spend across the supply chain, reducing transportation, distribution and fulfillment costs by 20 percent or more. Our finance backgrounds and extensive experience analyzing costs relative to vendor profitability enables us to develop effective supply chain optimization strategies.

Our approach is non-invasive to daily supply chain operations. We leverage cutting-edge proprietary models and unparalleled market intelligence to identify savings opportunities. We then build negotiation strategies based on that data and meaningful business cases. Our value proposition is often based on a pay-for –performance fee model.

We offer three categories of service to help you effectively manage spend across all modes:
Contract Optimization:
Carrier Sourcing, Cost and Profitability Modeling and Market Intelligence.

Strategic Supply Chain Planning:
Distribution Network Analysis, Outsourcing Impact Analysis, Spend Forecasting & Budgeting.

Audit Technology:
Audit & Recovery, Dynamic Reporting, Freight Payment.

The benefits are undeniable; reduced transportation costs, increased operational efficiencies, dynamic reporting and data normalization, greater budgeting and forecasting accuracy and optimized supply chain planning.

Executive Statement:
“At Spend Management Experts, we strive to be the leading global provider of transportation, distribution and fulfillment spend management services, all while providing strategic guidance and market intelligence that helps companies optimize costs across the supply chain. Our core services enable us to address the needs of virtually every type of company in any sector. Our team of best-in-class analysts use proprietary cost modeling technology to evaluate client profiles and help them maximize their contracts, resulting in real savings that can be strategically reinvested in their company.

SME will continue to serve with transparency, act with integrity, value client relationships and engage with our community, so we can continue to provide the insights and opportunities that our clients are seeking from us.”

John Haber - Founder & CEO, Spend Management Experts

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