United States Postal Service

Delivering E-Commerce

In today’s direct economy, businesses face greater logistical challenges as consumer patterns keep evolving and online shopping keeps growing exponentially. The United States Postal Service plays a large part in this $1.4 trillion mailing industry – as we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.

Priority: You®
Focused on meeting the needs of today’s shippers and tomorrow’s businesses, USPS is consolidating and expanding key advantages like limited DIM weight pricing, no residential delivery and no holiday peak package surcharges, to name a few. All adding to the reliability of USPS: customers and businesses know they will receive their package.

Constant Innovation
The Postal Service is constantly pursuing innovations to help businesses better connect with their customers. To meet the shipping needs of online shoppers, USPS introduced Sunday and Same-Day package delivery in certain markets. We also started testing electronic parcel lockers that provide customers with an automated, secured, self-service package delivery solution at no additional cost.

These are some of the reasons why the United States Postal Service continues to deliver for today’s businesses – delivering over 150 billion mailpieces and packages every year to more than 150 million addresses in the country.

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