10 Truths of Parcel Shipping

► Parcel Intelligence goes beyond parcel auditing.
► Carriers are thriving while your parcel costs increase.
► Upwards of 25% of shipping costs are surcharges and accessorial fees.
► Businesses often fail to fully account for shipping as a percentage of the total cost of their goods.
► When designing a parcel spend strategy, data and key performance indicators (KPIs) tell the story.
► Relying on your gut – or solely a consultant’s personal experience – is leaving money on the table.
► Peer and historical benchmarking through billions of data points removes the guesswork of contract negotiation.
► Now – before the traditional peak season and 2018 rate increases take effect – is the time to connect with your carrier.
► When you understand your shipping profile, everything in your carrier agreement is negotiable.
► Smarter shipping is within reach. It starts with VeriShip.

VeriShip is the leader in parcel shipping intelligence, delivering data-driven satisfaction to more than 3,300 businesses through cost savings, fulfillment of parcel carrier promises, and happier customers – quickly, conveniently, and risk-free. VeriShip's Parcel Intelligence Platform and Carrier Contract Engineering empower businesses with a 3D Approach – data, diagnosis, and design – to parcel shipping optimization that starts with the audit, then goes beyond. Actionable data insights drive intelligent decision making, while on-demand monitoring of key performance indicators ensures 360-degree visibility and parcel accountability.

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