UPS has announced a major carbon reduction goal for UPS Airlines and challenged the transportation and logistics industry to fully disclose its entire emissions data. These industry-leading environmental announcements were made in UPS’s 2008 Corporate Sustainability Report, which was released today at I thought this may be relevant for your Green Logistics content channel.

The report documents UPS’s plan to reduce the carbon emissions of its aircraft by 20% by 2020. UPS Airlines, the world’s ninth-largest airline, accounts for 53 percent of UPS’s carbon output. In addition, UPS:
• Has prevented 1 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions by using low-carbon intensive transportation modes like rail.
• Has eliminated 100 million miles from its delivery routes since 2003 by using routing technology.
• Directed over $100 million in philanthropy to charitable organizations worldwide.
• Partnered with the UN and its competitors to improve disaster relief logistics.