July 9 2009 02:45 PM

Diamond Phoenix, a full service systems design and integrator, offers facility analysis, simulations, and a complete range of integrated conveyor options, controls and software that can improve organizations’ operational performance and quality, minimize waste, lessen overhead costs, and increase the overall value of enterprise with a notable ROI. Transportation conveyor, accumulation conveyor, sortation conveyor, heavy unit-load conveyor, gravity conveyors, pallet conveyors, transfer cars, dispensers and a host of modular options allow for the creation of individual solutions that fit unique organizational needs. 

Conveyor systems allow for the continuous flow of material and a universal interface to various material handling equipment and manual operations. Designed for peak requirements, variations in flow are handled easily and efficiently. In manufacturing or work in progress, the conveyor system is often used to maintain an effective flow of materials throughout a process. In warehousing and distribution, the purpose may be to ensure proper flow and sortation of items in totes and cases to various storage areas. Use of high speed sortation, servo-induction devices, merges, turntables, sensors, profile gauges, intelligent controls, weight checks, overhead conveyor and other equipment and processes can be employed. Load handling, ergonomics, performance, costs, and throughput are all taken into account. 

As companies intensify their efforts in evaluating cost saving measures, including further trimming of overhead expenses, material costs and labor, it is essential that these programs are implemented for full results.