Marty Peters (87) – UPS’s longest-tenured employee – concluded his remarkable career with the company after 63 years, five months and 29 days of service – the equivalent of a financial analyst working through 253 quarterly reporting seasons! Mr. Peters started work at a UPS facility in Michigan for $0.95/hour in March 1946 following his service in the U.S. Army during World War II. Following his tenure as a delivery driver, Mr. Peters held a variety of jobs ranging from sorting packages and loading trucks to eventually logging more than 1.4 million miles driving a tractor-trailer between Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI. More recently, Mr. Peters has worked out of UPS’s Woodbridge Center in Detroit, spending most of his time behind the wheel of a tractor, moving 50 to 70 trailers each day between loading docks as well as helping incorrectly addressed packages reach their intended destinations. We tip our hat to you Mr. Peters – congratulations and enjoy your retirement!