NEW YORK (January 5, 2010): Jaguar Freight Services, a leading global provider of comprehensive freight shipping solutions, has enhanced its cutting-edge CyberTrax™ online logistics system with the introduction of CyberTrax 2.0™. This unique, proprietary application goes far beyond standard “track and trace” programs as it manages and directs international freight shipments to help customers achieve the tightest, most efficient supply chain possible. 

Jaguar Freight has operations throughout Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa to service a full spectrum of global customers. It used the lessons learned from integrated customs clearance, storage, and distribution operations to develop CyberTrax 2.0 as a real-time online information tracking system that offers unsurpassed customization and reporting features.

“A lack of information is the most costly, and most preventable, problem when it comes to shipping globally sourced freight,” says Simon Kaye, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Freight. “We developed the original CyberTrax system to eliminate the wasted time and expense caused by incomplete, missing or inaccessible shipping data. With CyberTrax 2.0 our clients now can see and manage every step in their supply chain, through a customizable system that gives them full interactive control over their logistics process.”

“CyberTrax 2.0 retains and expands all the advantages of our original system,” Kaye continues. “It’s fully transparent, available 24/7 and is user-friendly without requiring all the specialized information required by typical track-and-trace systems. Users can at any time see where a shipment is, what it consists of – right down to individual item descriptions, quantities, product codes, vendor or consignee identities, and countries of origin and destination.” 

“Now CyberTrax 2.0 users will also receive dramatically increased reporting and interface capabilities,” Kaye adds. “As a result, shippers will always know the status of mission critical factors in their supply chains, with no lost information, shipments or production, and with on-time, cost-effective delivery.”

The CyberTrax system keeps shippers current on all the issues most essential to them: what has been shipped, what is in transit, what is due to be shipped, where freight is in the cycle, and how shipments are progressing against their own timetable. In addition to real-time information, CyberTrax also retains an archive of historical data that can be used as an invaluable information management resource. The system automatically provides alerts that certain key events have occurred (such as loading, sailing, arrival, and delivery) and allows customers to query their shipments on-line using purchase order numbers and SKU product codes, or to have specific customized reports set up for them, that answer key questions quickly.

CyberTrax 2.0 expands such essential capabilities by offering these enhancements:
• Individual shipment “watch lists”, which include shipment progress indicators and an option to have transportation milestones e-mailed automatically 
• A chat (Skype) feature for direct instant messaging contact with Jaguar operators handling a shipment
• Dramatically increased reporting abilities covering live, delivered and past shipments, using a virtually unlimited range of information reporting based on such criteria as purchase orders, SKU codes and item types
• Fully customized generation and email availability of shipment reports, provided to the shipper’s designated distribution list at any specified frequency
• Master Air Waybills (MAWB) tracking of air shipments directly into the airlines’ own systems by simply entering MAWB numbers. 

“These advantages make CyberTrax 2.0 the state-of-the-art advantage for any company involved in global sourcing, across any business sector,” Kaye concludes. “It is immediately available to all our customers, with no volume barriers to use. The entire system is password-protected, and encrypted for added security. Its flexibility to any sourcing market or need lets our clients track orders as they cross the world, with data that can be searched and displayed as needed. The result is a quantum leap from past shipping practices, creating an integrated information exchange platform usable at any stage across the supply chain.”

Jaguar Freight Services has offices in London, Paris, New York, Philadelphia, Brussels, and Hong Kong, as well as operation networks in Europe, the U.S., South America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The company provides fully integrated door-to-door freight solutions including customs clearance, storage, distribution facilities and the proprietary CyberTrax 2.0™, a real time online information tracking system. For more information, call 516-239-1900 or