Postal Regulatory Commission has held a pre-hearing conference on the Postal Service's proposal to move from six-days to five-days for mail delivery. The members of the Commission have assured their impartiality and willingness to handle the Postal Service's request expeditiously.

* Legal counsel for the American Postal Workers Union said that he believed it would take the PRC at least six months to handle this docket. He said that past experience would seem to suggest that the Postal Service would drag its feet in responding to participant discovery requests.
* This sentiment was supported by the counsel for the National Association of Letter Carriers.
* Counsel for the Parcel Shippers Association noted that those who oppose the proposal would like the proceeding to go on interminably. This, however, would not reflect what Congress expects and wants to see from the Commission.
* The Postal Service's assertion that it was facing a $238 billion loss over the next ten years set off some sparks.
* The Commission has scheduled seven field hearings to solicit views from various parties around the country. Transcripts from the field hearings will be made available.
* Next step: The PRC must issue a procedural schedule. One is expected shortly.