Scandinavia's leading slate manufacturer, Minera Norge, uses UPM Raflatac ShortDipole and Hammer RFID tags converted by AdhTech, superDAGFINN and portalRFID solutions from ACT Systems Skandinavia to automate the locating and delivery processes of its stone products. Minera Norge’s products are used for example in interiors, walkways and floors, and are exported worldwide. The premium quality slate manufacturer is located near the source of its raw materials in Norway where drastic changes in weather conditions set special requirements to RFID tags used. Minera Norge's RFID implementation was recently honoured in the RFID Journal Live 2010 annual industry event with the esteemed “Best RFID Implementation” award.

Minera Norge uses RFID to track pallets from loading to the point of shipment. Each worker uses an ID card with an embedded RFID tag to log into the company's ERP system. After showing the RFID card to a reader, the system provides workers an updated list of incoming orders. By selecting an order for processing, the system in turn requests the specific stones needed for the employee to complete the order.

The weighty stone products are cut into tiles and blocks, then packed and placed on pallets attached with UPM Raflatac RFID tags. The pallets are moved to an RFID reader portal where information on each pallet's unique ID number, product and weight are linked to the corresponding order. The pallets are then stored outdoors on Minera Norge’s large yard using a forklift equipped with GPS system and an RFID reader.

When a driver picks up a pallet, the superDAGFINN software shows data of the pallet on the forklift's screen enabling the driver to quickly confirm it is the correct product. The GPS system, GPStracker, is used to locate the pallets in real time, as they are moved with the forklifts. It also provides drivers with maps showing the exact location of each pallet as well as the forklift, and directions for reaching the specific pallet.

Moreover, the RFID solution is used to automate the invoicing process as it enables forklift drivers to indicate from the onboard screen that a product has been shipped, and send an advance shipping notice to a customer, thus activating the actual invoicing process.

The complete RFID solution was installed and operational at Minera Norge in just four weeks. Since the implementation in May 2009, the company has been able to enjoy the benefits of accelerated and accurate locating of products, which in turn have resulted in faster and correct deliveries for customers.

"The ShortDipole and Hammer UHF tags from UPM Raflatac once again have proven RFID's ability to deliver real results in a challenging supply chain management application. It provides excellent reliability even when attached to massive pallets of stone products facing harsh and seasonal weather conditions from freezing snowstorms to rain and heat. Because of its proven performance, passive RFID technology is adopting an increasingly important role as essential part of GPS and WiFi based location solutions," says Mikko Nikkanen, Business Development Director, UPM Raflatac, RFID.

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