Woodridge, IL (PRWEB) June 7, 2010 The Numina Group (www.numinagroup.com) announces its latest automation innovation, One-Step Plus™, a game changing advancement for automating the pick, pack, and ship process for manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse operations. The system eliminates the manual labor associated with the packing slip and shipping label, increases order accuracy, and reduces waste. 

The system prints on demand, either a single sided or duplex sheet and has a number of printing capabilities including: graphics, customer logos, and terms and conditions on demand. The entire document is printed and securely placed under the removable shipping label in under 5.5 seconds. “This is the fastest printing technology available in the market and the first of its kind to automatically print, fold, and tuck the full packing sheet securely under the removable shipping label in a real-time inline process,” stated Dan Hanrahan, President of the Numina Group. 

One-Step Plus™ reduces 35 to 50 seconds of labor from every order shipment by printing and applying an 8.5” x 11” packing sheet/ invoice and shipping label to parcel shipments. It eliminates the manual tasks of folding, inserting, hand applying the packing sheet document, and placing the packing slip into a plastic pouch, in addition to applying the shipping label to the carton. Both labor and waste are reduced in the shipping process.

One Step Plus™ can handle a wide variety of shipment sizes from flats to cartons ranging in size from .25” up to 30” high. It allows companies to significantly slash errors, increase revenues, and streamline packing, shipping, and manifesting; with a rapid ROI from lowered shipping costs.

How it Works
One Step Plus™ completely automates shipping and manifesting by utilizing an inline conveyor system with barcode capture, weighing, dimensioning, and application of the packing sheet and shipping label concurrent with complete process validation and manifesting. It performs the equivalent work of 6-8 manual operators, processing 10-12 carton shipments per minute.

One Step Plus™ can either print and insert the packing sheet into open shipping cartons, or print and automatically fold and tuck the 8.5” x 11” packing sheet under a removable carrier shipping label on top of the sealed cartons. “The system is targeted at the 3PL and B to B market for clients that require a full size packing sheet attached to the outside of the order shipment,” Hanrahan explained. Numina Group is currently the market leader in selling automated print and apply labeling systems for the application of removable pack slips and shipping labels and noted the demand from clients for an automated process supporting high resolution laser printing and the attachment of a full sheet packing document to shipments. 

About The Numina Group

Warehouse and distribution automation requirements such as picking, order auditing, print and apply labeling, sorting, and manifesting require application know-how, proven real-time software, and high quality equipment - exactly what the Numina Group delivers! Since 1986, the Numina Group has supplied Warehouse Control for Pick, Pack, and Ship Automation proven to improve the order fulfillment process. The systems and products they supply combine high performance software and application expertise to eliminate “bottlenecks”, reduce labor, and increase revenues to allow clients to gain a competitive advantage in the markets they serve.