Numina Group announces the release of an additional pack sheet inserter option for use with their One Step Plus™. One-Step Plus™ is a modular product family for automating packing, shipping, and manifesting that streamlines labor and boosts throughput for UPS, FedEx, and USPS carrier shipments. The latest addition to the product line has the industry’s fastest packing sheet laser printer and folder with insert capabilities that generate and place the packing and shipping documents inside an open carton. The unit operates in a fraction of the time of typical printers used in order fulfillment and internet retail applications. 

Numina Group, leads the industry in supplying innovative technology to automate pick, pack, and ship distribution processes. The One Step Plus PFI™ (Print-Fold-Insert), meets the demand of 3PLs and Internet Retailers desiring high quality shipment documents, while gaining savings by eliminating the manual placement of the document into the carton. Dan Hanrahan, President of the Numina Group said “Supply chain and marketing executives recognize that their first opportunity to touch the customer after the order placement is the arrival of the shipment and the document presented at the opening of the carton. A high resolution laser printed packing sheet provides the opportunity to print the company logo, clearly describe the product ordered, provide the ability to convey an appreciation of the client’s order, promote future sales opportunities, as well as offer removable coupons and information. You cannot do that with current printing technology without creating a bottleneck in packing, or by increasing labor costs.” 

Traditional laser printers lack the first sheet print speed, while thermal transfer printers lack the quality of laser documents. One Step Plus PFI™ automatically prints, folds, and places the full 8.5” x 11” laser generated packing sheet inside the carton in under 4.5 seconds. Companies now have a solution that improves the quality of their packing sheet, while at the same time reducing labor costs and improving shipment throughput in distribution operations. 

In the majority of order fulfillment operations the packing and shipping process relies on manual labor. The operator at a manifesting workstation uses a hand scanner and static scale to generate and print the shipment document and the carrier shipping label. The operator prints, folds, and places the packing sheet into the carton, adds packing void fill material, tapes the carton shut, applies the shipping label, moves the carton to a pallet, or on to an exit conveyor to transport the carton to the shipping area. This sequence can take one minute or more of manual labor, require 4-5 operators, or 5 hours of labor to ship 300 cartons.

A single One Step Plus PFI ™ System, automates the entire process by printing, folding, inserting, and applying the documents required both inside and outside of the carton. The in-line automation system requires only one to two operators at the void fill and automated taper, to process 700 cartons per hour in B to B or B to C ship operations. “The system reduces over 50 seconds of labor from every order shipment by automatically printing, folding, inserting the packing sheet document, and automatically print and applying the shipping label to the auto sealed carton. Labor, errors, and waste are greatly reduced in the shipping process.”. said Hanrahan. 

One Step Plus PFI™ employs the fastest high resolution printing technology to on demand print either a single sided or duplex sheet with the capabilities of printing graphics, customer logos, and terms and conditions at 13 to 15 cartons per minute. The entire document is printed and securely placed inside of the carton in under 4.5 seconds.

One Step Plus PFI™ can handle a wide variety of shipment sizes from flats to cartons ranging in size from .25” to 30” high. It allows companies to significantly slash errors, increase revenues, and streamline packing, shipping, and manifesting, with a rapid return on investment.
About The Numina Group

Warehouse and distribution automation requirements such as picking, order auditing, print and apply labeling, sorting, and manifesting require application know-how, proven real-time software, and high quality equipment - exactly what the Numina Group delivers! Since 1986, the Numina Group has supplied Warehouse Control for Pick, Pack, and Ship Automation proven to improve the order fulfillment process. The systems and products they supply combine high performance software and application expertise to eliminate “bottlenecks”, reduce labor, and increase revenues to allow clients to gain a competitive advantage in the markets they serve.