Fort Worth TX.—July 22, 2010—National Presort, LLC., a leader in the design and development of Mail Sortation Technology, today announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters, engineering and manufacturing operations to a unified facility that will include new, state-of-the-art research and production capabilities. Incorporating on-site Customer Support, Manufacturing and Engineering enables National Presort, LLC. to maintain its competitive advantage by enhancing its ability to develop next-generation products. The expansion also allows for an increase in production capacity as global demand for the company’s Best in Class technology continues to grow as it has become the number one selling sorter manufacturer in the USA commercial market in the past five years.

“NPI has set the industry standard when it comes to mail sortation technology. As our leading edge technology continues to improve, the demand for NPI’s technology has also increased” said Henry Daboub, President and Chief Executive Officer at NPI. “Our new headquarters provides NPI with a distinctive competitive edge, as it enables us to integrate our supply chain and expand our product offerings through extensive, unmatched Research and Development capabilities. We look forward to years of continued success in the new location as we further strengthen our position as the industry’s leading provider of mail sortation technology.”

NPI’s newly expanded headquarters combines the company’s business operations, engineering and manufacturing into a single facility which is over 100,000 square feet and sits on 7 ½ acres 3 miles south of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. By integrating a full-scale, product development process, NPI strengthens its oversight on its intellectual property, accelerates its new product development and enhances the efficiency of its manufacturing and service activities. “This expansion and consolidation provides NPI with the ability to improve the collaboration of our Engineering and Service Groups,” said Brent Daboub, Vice President of Engineering at NPI. 
NPI…Efficiency through Innovation. It is this commitment that has made NPI the prominent source in the mail automation industry since 1977. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, NPI manufactures high quality, affordable sorters that are equipped with the most current technology. Whatever the application… letters, flats or parcels, incoming or outgoing, NPI is able to offer a solution.

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