Oct. 22 2010 07:40 AM

Supply Chain Digest--As many of you know, supply chain flexibility has been a recurring theme this year, with a couple of 2010 columns trying to ponder what it is and if it can be measured, among other issues.

So it was timely (and not in-coincidental) that the Fall session of the Georgia Tech Supply Chain Executive Forum (SCEF), under the capable leadership of Dr. John Langley, focused on just this topic, and with interesting results.

I (along with our friend Gene Tyndall) assist Dr. Langley with getting an agenda and speaker list together for the two annual meetings, and I am limited in what we can report back based on the semi-private nature of the meeting. However, I can highlight overall themes and anonymous quotations.

To support this Fall meeting, we conducted a survey of SCEF members, and received about 40 responses, primarily from supply chain executives (VPs and some directors-level). The results are worth sharing. Read more!