There are times when a well-placed capital letter can change everything. Nowhere is this difference more pronounced than
    in the case of the term lean. Spell it with a small l, and you’ve got an apt description of the economic times in which we live. But spell it with an uppercase L instead, and you’ve hit upon one of the most effective ways you can help your company weather these times.

    Over the past four years, I’ve trained hundreds of warehousing professionals in Lean principles. Just as important, I’ve
    had the privilege of witnessing the extraordinary things that can happen when they’ve taken these principles back to their
    operations and put them into action.

    The result has been nearly $16 million in documented savings – and numerous real-life examples of how this quality
    improvement tool can work as well for pick lines and loading docks as it does for production lines. Here are a few reasons
    why I believe that introducing a Lean warehousing initiative could be a capital idea for your company, too.
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