Eugene, OR - Datalogic Mobile announces the release of Pal software applications for mobile computers giving out-of-the box functionality to their complete line of Windows CE and Windows Mobile based computers. 
The Pal software suite is four applications that provide businesses with the basic functionality to automate their core practices. The Pal applications suite consists of: 
• Shelf Inventory - Perfect for performing a physical inventory or cycle counting in store or warehouse. Data collected includes: Location, SKU and Quantity. 
• Order Entry – Place orders in the field to replenish stock. Data collected includes: Site, Order ID, SKU and Quantity. 
• Asset Tracking – Quickly and easily take an asset inventory. Data collected includes: Location and Asset ID. 
• Shelf Replenishment – Instantly generate a pick list to replenish low shelf stock. Data collected includes: Store, Shelf ID, SKU and Quantity 

"We have heard from many of our Business Partners and end users that they are looking for a tool to execute basic tasks associated with data capture and inventory control," says Elva Martinez Software Product Manager. "Pal makes it easy! Pal gives you the tools for data collection, flexible configuration, auto data transfer, user prompts and much more."
The application suite also includes Pal Communicator, a PC application that allows the transfer of data between a PC and the Datalogic Mobile device. This utility allows data viewing in Excel, Notepad or any user defined host system.
Pal is available now on the Datalogic Mobile web site, and soon to be pre-loaded on every Datalogic Mobile Windows based device when it ships from the factory (within Q1 2011). Normally a $250 value, but now No Charge to Datalogic Mobile Partners.

Download Pal now at Datalogic Mobile – Pal Apps