High-volume order processing caused a backlog in the shipping department. Their manual process resulted in an inconsistent flow of product—which proved costly from a labor and overall operating standpoint.

Customer: Secure ID and card personalization solutions

Warehouse Size: 100K sq ft

Problem: Customer was processing a high number of packages in a concentrated period of time; this created a bottleneck in the shipping department which required a number of resources to manage three shipping systems (UPS, FEDEX
and USPS). The bottlenecks were not only created in the shipping department, but they carried down through the warehouse from the picking area to the various packing stations. The bottlenecks caused a complete slow down of the overall processing of orders. This, in turn, created downtime for these departments due to inability to place packages
on the line. After reviewing the overall effect of the bottleneck issue on the business as a whole, they realized an automated process would put an end to creating bottlenecks in one of the three departments involved in order processing. 

Solution: ADSI worked with the customer to review the entire order process, and evaluated the operation during peak and non-peak operating times. Working together, an operating strategy was developed. This included automating the picking,
packing, and shipping process — which eliminated the majority of their manual processes. The plan also included a reduction from three shipping systems to ADSI’s Ship-IT™ software solution — a single, multi-carrier system to ship their orders.

Using ADSI’s Move-IT, the bottlenecks were eliminated by creating a constant flow in all stages of the process by automating the sorting, weighing and measuring processes. Packages could then be automatically sized and labeled through the system.

Result: This unattended process allowed the customer to re-allocate resources to other parts of the business while increasing the number of packages shipped per hour by 30%.

ROI: 14 months (primarily labor savings)
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