CHARLESTON, S.C. (MMD Newswire) March 2, 2011 -- Michael J. Stolarczyk believes that most companies are not equipped in their supply-chain operations role to effectively compete in today's global marketplace. He advises executives, managers and business-school graduates on the intricacies of 21st century-advanced technology, and how it impacts every business leader in "Logical Logistics: A Common Sense Primer for Your Supply Chain" (ISBN 1453737561).

Stolarczyk claims that advanced logistics technology is vital for the survival of any company, regardless of its size or territory it serves. Many companies are out of date and, ultimately, out of touch with today's technology and its benefit on the current business model.

"I want folks that are in major organizations and Fortune 500 companies to understand that supply-chain and logistics decisions can be made in a common sense way," Stolarczyk says. "This means an open dialogue with stakeholders, both internal and external to their company. My book is not 'Supply Chain for Dummies,' but it is an ideal source for strategic guidance and inspiration."

With 25 years in global logistics and transportation with the largest steamship company in the world, Stolarczyk brings a background unmatched in today's market. He collects his blog posts and magazine articles here in this volume to share with industry insiders all they need to know when about improving their current practices. Stolarczyk claims that many companies are missing the mark on the vital steps to success, and the author focuses on such overlooked logistics topics as transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging.

Stolarczyk channels his multitude of experience and successes in the logistics world into this direct, humorous and easy-to-use guide to improving a company's supply-chain method. Readers will enhance their knowledge and current business practices with the author's expertise.

"Logical Logistics: A Common Sense Primer for Your Supply Chain" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Michael J. Stolarczyk joined Kontane Logistics in Charleston as president in December 2009. Kontane Logistics is an industry leader in Third Party Logistics, and is nationally recognized as a premier business in engineered packaging design and global exporting services. Stolarczyk has also worked with the A.P. Moller/Maersk Group for over 17 years in the United States, Hong Kong and Prague, along with four years at Exel Logistics' North American headquarters.