April 13 2011 09:09 PM

UPS (NYSE: UPS) today launched its first Asian hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) in Hong Kong as part of UPS's ongoing sustainability efforts around the world.

Since their introduction into the global UPS fleet in 1998, HEVs have shown a 35 percent improvement in fuel economy over conventional vehicles. By the end of the year, Hong Kong will roll out another two HEVs, bringing the total to three. They will form UPS's global green fleet of over 1,900 vehicles.

The expansion of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) is in line with UPS's commitment to sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices in the market. In 2010, UPS was the first logistics provider in Hong Kong to offer a carbon neutral product which allows customers to offset their carbon footprint through a nominal fee.

"As a company, UPS is committed to our sustainability efforts. In our daily operations, we track key performance indicators to measure our level of efficiency which promotes conservation of both fuel and energy. The new hybrid-electric vehicles in Hong Kong, in addition to our employee volunteer activities and community involvement, demonstrates the strategic importance of sustainability" said Brian Cusson, President of UPS North Asia District.

While operating its current alternative fuel and technology vehicles, UPS is also working with manufacturers, government agencies and non-profit organizations to advance new fuel technologies and find cheaper, cleaner-burning fuels that are better for the environment and more sustainable than conventional diesel.

UPS Hong Kong also was recently recognized by the Hong Kong Government's Environmental Campaign Committee on April 8, 2011, at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence. UPS Hong Kong received the Bronze Award in the Transportation and Logistics Sector.

UPS Hong Kong was selected among several other companies in the industry to receive this award, which is one of the most prestigious and reputable awards in Hong Kong. It's being given to UPS Hong Kong in recognition of its efforts to promote environmental practices and management.

"Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world and air quality has always been a matter of concern for local residents," said William Ng, managing director of UPS in Hong Kong and Macau. "UPS is proud to be recognized by the Hong Kong government for our sustainability. With the introduction of the hybrid-electric vehicles in Hong Kong, this will further our efforts to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions while continuing to serve our customers' needs and support their green initiatives."

UPS pursues a wide range of socially responsible and sustainable business practices designed to reduce its impact on the environment and improve communities around the world. Learn more about UPS's responsible business practices at www.ups.com/responsibility.