White Paper Content: This paper is designed to help describe the selection process of a reducer to be used in the parcel handling industry. It will go over what different applications our gearboxes are used throughout parcel handling facilities such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This white paper will also discuss what factors are used to decide which gearbox is required to meet the demands of the industry, yet still be durable, long lasting, easy to maintain, and easy to replace when or if a failure does occur. 

Abstract:In most, if not all, sorting facilities, there are miles and miles of conveyor systems and all play an important role in making sure all orders are processes accurately. The conveyor systems are broken up into different sections based on their function. Some examples are mainline and box line conveyors, but there are also systems in which are used to sort the packages from one conveyor to the other depending on their destination. In all of the systems a reliable gearbox is required to keep the operation running smoothly. 

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