Insource Spend Management Group, a leading provider of spend management solutions, announced the release of version 3.0 of its IDAS software tool. The IDAS software is used for the multi-dimensional data analysis of parcel freight spend across zones, vertical industries, geographic regions, multi-modal and varying parcel shipping volumes. The IDAS software is most effective when utilized for companies that spend between $3 million and $400 million per year on parcel shipping. It is a data analytic system that analyzes current contracts and pricing strategies and identifies areas for savings.
Insource IDAS 3.0 includes features that correspond with the latest trends in the parcel shipping marketplace as well as an enhanced user interface and internally developed business objects dashboard. The tool analyzes a company’s existing shipping data to determine the best parcel carrier target pricing and shipping discounts that a company should be receiving.

“The latest release of the IDAS software allows us to quickly and efficiently determine the most cost effective strategies for spend management control within the parcel carrier contracts, and has consequently allowed us to save over one billion dollars for our clients,” said Brett Febus, President and CEO of Insource. “The IDAS software has always been a competitive advantage for us, and now with its new features it makes us even better at finding every available cost reduction opportunity.” 

About Insource
Insource Spend Management Group is a leading spend management provider that offers expertise in identifying savings opportunities in transportation, technology and telecom pricing agreements. The company has successfully renegotiated hundreds of pricing agreements by identifying additional savings opportunities, advising on how to make the smartest spending decisions and renegotiating optimal pricing agreements. 

Since 1999, Insource has saved its clients more than $1 billion by renegotiating carrier pricing contracts for hundreds of companies, including dozens of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit or contact Insource at (800) 397-6880.