JACKSONVILLE, FL – July 26, 2011 – Smart Track Logistics, Inc., a global leader in enterprise logistics solutions for asset tracking, visibility, control and optimization continues its dominance in cloud innovations with the launch of Integrated Asset Tracker. The new product offering provides global freight status, asset management & visibility allowing users to quickly and confidently make decisions across the enterprise.

Integrated Asset Tracker is built on the Smart Track Logistics On Demand Freight Flow platform. Freight status and asset updates are made through any one, or a combination of technologies, including GPS, cellular, RFID, mobile device or the Smart Track user interface. The software extends seamlessly between supply chain systems and configures smoothly to meet the specific needs of multiple industries. The SaaS model makes Integrated Asset Tracker a low total cost of ownership (TCO) with the quickest time to benefit.

Essentially, Smart Tracks Freight Flow and Integrated Asset Tracker streamlines the flow of goods between multiple modes, nodes and partners of your transportation life cycle reducing manual data entry and clerical error, while eliminating costly labor at freight touch points and the back office. This data provides visibility to the freights location, ETA, status and condition based on your enterprise needs and business rules. The information is displayed back to the users via the Smart Track Dashboard and Integrated Asset Tracker mapping interface. Information can be shared with your enterprise, clients, vendors, carriers and Service Providers at any level of detail. 

Integrated Asset Tracker also provides real time asset management. The reporting capabilities allow the user to analyze asset usage by facility, region or enterprise. Clients that would like to begin a demurrage or detention program will find this functionality useful as the levels of free days can be managed through the Integrated Asset Tracker and invoiced either directly or integrated to an accounting system for processing.

“Smart Track Logistics Freight Flow and Integrated Asset Tracker connects your enterprise to the physical supply chain as no other system can. Integrated Asset Tracker eliminates the guess work of where your asset or freight is in the supply chain and provides functionality to flow it through the enterprises gates, yards, docks and facilities with accuracy and speed while simultaneously greatly reducing labor and asset cost.” said Chris Anderson CEO, Smart Track Logistics. “Our software accelerates the freight handling process and aligns you with your clients and supply chain partners.”

About Smart Track Logistics
Smart Track Logistics is the global logistics solution leader in proven, mission-critical cloud solutions that provide asset and freight management, visibility, control and optimization within the global supply chain market. Smart Track Logistics flagship platform Freight Flow Manager connects clients and their freight to their carriers, customers, vendors and Logistic Service providers giving them the platform to plan, optimize and execute on real time freight & asset information. Smart Track Logistics partners with leading companies such as TeleNav, Sprint, Identec and GlobalStar.

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