Computer Weekly: The idea that business and technology are intertwined is evident in the management structure at FedEx - the global CIO, Robert Carter, is a member of the executive board and co-CEO of FedEx Services, which provides IT, customer services and sales and marketing support to the company. Web services automate and simplify processes The company now offers a suite of web services, electronic trade documents and international shipping software, all building on the information FedEx knows about the packages being shipped. The web services enable its customers to automate aspects of their logistics business processes. Package shipping, in particular international package shipping, can be complex. FedEx has built IT systems to enable its customers to manage and simplify their shipping experience. From internet-based shipping on through to shipping servers that can be integrated with a customer's individual fulfillment needs, FedEx offers applications it says meet the needs of both simple and complex customer situations. For international shippers, FedEx has deployed an Electronic Trade Documents service, which allows customers to submit customs documents to FedEx prior to the shipment being collected. Read more!