Hong Kong, China and East Dubuque, IL, August 24, 2011 – Swan & Hercules Global Logistics (SHGL) and Rockfarm Logistics recently announced a strategic partnership to better serve small to mid-size shippers with global, end-to-end logistics solutions. 

SHGL, a top 100 logistics and end-to-end supply chain provider in China, and Rockfarm Logistics, a full-service logistics provider specializing in delivery of logistics and supply chain consulting services, are experts in helping customers overcome logistics challenges and benefit from efficient, customized distribution services. Both companies specialize in optimizing costs and service and deliver flexible, end-to-end solutions to their customers.
“We are excited about this opportunity to leverage our collective expertise,” says Sean Burke, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, SHGL. “The alignment of cultures – including client focus and committed learning, robust technology and similar market segments – make this alliance an excellent fit.”
Burke will work closely with Brad Stewart, Senior Partner, Rockfarm Logistics, to offer existing and prospective customers single source logistics and transportation solutions for international shipments that include China as an origin or destination. Companies that use more than one carrier from the United States to China (or China to the United States) can now streamline the process to ensure customer satisfaction in delivery and cost effectiveness, especially for shipments containing orders destined for multiple destinations. 
“We are now able to provide customers with seamless integration of transportation and freight forwarding between the United States and China, as well as visibility of product through a single technology,” says Stewart. “This alliance will alleviate much of the complexity involved in global shipping today.”
The SHGL and Rockfarm Logistics partnership creates an end-to-end logistics solution that combines the strength of both companies to offer small and mid-size shippers the opportunity to compete in both total delivered cost and reduction of inventory with their larger competitors. 

About Swan & Hercules Global Logistics (SHGL)
Swan & Hercules Global Logistics (USA) LLC, offers a full range of supply chain services that reduce costs and increase profit potential. SHGL not only offers traditional ocean and air freight services, but also a host of value-added logistics offerings including warehousing management and infrastructure, distribution management, customs brokerage and shipment consolidation. SHGL’s unique value proposition is found in their ability to manage orders and consolidate origin freight in China through to store-ready shipments delivered to customer DCs and stores in North America. They bundle and integrate comprehensive services with innovative solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements. SHGL manages the supply chain process as an ‘asset right’ global service provider, reducing cycle time and variability while increasing reliability, visibility and control. Visit www.shgl.com 

About Rockfarm Logistics
Rockfarm Logistics, LLC, is a logistics service provider focused on implementation and execution of freight management solutions for mid-size shippers in today’s competitive marketplace. Logistics offerings include management of all modes driving efficiency across both domestic and international supply chains for their clients. Utilizing “best in breed” technology, Rockfarm Logistics implements freight management solutions that integrate a comprehensive execution platform with supply chain services such as load execution, freight audit & payment, engineering & analysis, and an account management process tailored specifically for each client. Please visit,www.rockfarmlogistics.com for further information regarding the delivery of our Fortune 1000 freight management services to the mid-size market.