CSCMP Supply Chain Quarterly--Every company continues to look for ways to increase sales, decrease costs and reduce risks. That's a given. But, in the wake of tough economic times the easy cuts have been made and all of the simple process improvements have been put into place. Enter reverse logistics, an often overlooked process that can help companies reduce waste AND improve profits.

    Join Curtis Greve, Principal of Greve-Davis, Inc., an independent reverse logistics consulting firm, and Sumeet Shroff, Director of New Product Development at UPS, to learn how your company can effectively manage reverse logistics to find hidden profits, improve customer satisfaction and minimize liabilities.

    In this webinar you'll learn:
    • Why reverse logistics is starting to receive more attention among supply chain professionals
    • How reverse logistics can be a powerful source of profits
    • Areas within your company that can positively impact revenue with reverse logistics activities
    • How to conduct a reverse logistics self-analysis for your company
    • What it will take to improve your current reverse logistics process.

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    The webinar will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16, at 2 pm EST.