2011 Revenue: €3,576 million versus €2,839 million in 2010 (up 26% or 5.6% at a likefor-
like exchange rate and consolidation basis)
• Sustained growth in Transport (+20.2%) and Logistics (+28.2%) with solid organic growth
• Rapid expansion of freight forwarding in line with objectives
• TDG integration effective in April and that of APC Beijing International in December
• Anticipated growth in operating profit

Chief Executive Officer, François Bertreau, said: “Norbert Dentressangle maintained a healthy rate
of growth throughout the year and posted a sharply higher 2011 consolidated revenue of 3.6 billion
Euros. Acquisitions in 2011 (TDG and APC Beijing International) have bolstered our group’s
international profile and put us in very good standing in the freight forwarding market. Despite this
solid performance, we have remained watchful of changes taking place in our customers’ business,
which at the end of the year showed signs of slowing.” Read more!