GREENSBORO, GA. – a2b Fulfillment, a third-party logistics provider with a specialty in consumer-direct order fulfillment and customer services, announces the completion of a project that replaces all of the lighting fixtures in its 180,000 square foot facility in Greensboro, GA with newer, high-efficiency lighting technology. 

We were motivated to retrofit our lighting by several factors” explains Ayal Latz, President and founder. “First, the absolute reduction in energy consumption results in lower utility costs. Our commitment to our clients is to keep down costs and provide the greatest value possible. Second, we reduce our carbon footprint. Third, the quality of the light is dramatically improved. This creates a safer and more productive work environment.” 

The project included replacing 500 older T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures with only 200 T5, high-efficiency lights that use 25% less energy and adding motion sensors that keep lights on only when the area is occupied, and a complete rewiring of the warehouse space. “In the first two months since the new lighting fixtures were installed, an absolute reduction in kilowatt hour usage has been achieved. Our payback will be relatively short”, says Latz, “but for us it wasn’t all about the money. We’re most excited about the improved light quality and feel great that we are doing something positive for the environment.” 

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About a2b Fulfillment
Based in Greensboro, GA, a2b Fulfillment offers a strategic location for economical warehousing and logistics services. The Southeast US location allows for faster delivery and lower overall freight costs for a national shipping program. Both Business to Business and Direct-to-Consumer clients are serviced by a2b Fulfillment. Order Management, customer care and credit card processing programs are available. For more information, please visit a2b Fulfillment is an active member of the BBB, IWLA, SWA, ERA, DRMA, and WERC associations.