Hi, I’m a piece of plastic born in an industrial town in central China. In a very short time, I was put together with a bunch of other parts to become this electronic thing. After I was 30 days old, I went on a very “bumpy” ride from my birth place to this big city with lots of people. Once I arrived there, I was put in this building with a lot of similar devices as me…they also put me very high in the building. It was hot up there. I met a lot of new friends that were all different sizes and color…but very smart and friendly. As I sat there I pondered where I am going and what is my purpose in this world. 

The next day, I was put on a wood platform…I heard a couple of humans call it a pallet. As they put me on this pallet, a red light scanned over my black and white stripes…that kind of tickled. The next thing I knew, I was going down this roller system with many of my friends…however, we all went in different directions. I was loaded into a machine that the humans call a truck and took a short trip to the airport (at least that is what I heard the humans call it). Once I was at the airport, these “official” looking humans opened me up and took a look at me…very infringing on my privacy. They stamped me and said I was good to go…I have no idea what that meant. I was then loaded onto this big bird like machine and took a very look trip…it was very bumpy at times. However, I did get a good nap in. I heard one of the humans say that we were flying over water. At the end of this long trip, we made a sudden stop at an airport…but I thought I just left an airport…I’m so confused. I was again opened by one of those official looking humans again and I have resigned to the fact that I will not get any privacy on this trip. I took another trip in a truck but didn’t stay long at this location. 

The next day I was put on another big bird. Once we landed, I took a long ride on a conveyor system which had a lot of slides attached to it…that was fun. After I made my joy ride through the rollers and slides, I was put on another truck and brought to a house (where humans live). All of a sudden, I heard this noise…DING DONG ! I was flashed by another red light and was handed over to another human and heard a loud scream of…”it’s here”. My privacy was again compromised but this time the human took my back cover off and put this cold device in me. However, that felt great because I came to Life. The humans became very attentive to me and would not put me down. I heard the human say, “I can call my friends, text them, stay in touch with mom and dad, and do things on the internet (I’m not sure what that is yet).”

All I know, my purpose in life is to allow humans the ability to communicate with each other and bring happiness to them…Got to go, my human needs me!
Michael J. Ryan is Director, Business Development at DSC Logistics and has been in the parcel industry for over 25 years. He can be reached at 847-393-5862 or mike.ryan@dsc-logistics.com