Ryan Barnett, Director, Market Development, Xata--In its simplest form, POD systems can enable a company to prove when a delivery has arrived at a dock. Usually, a signature is captured; signifying proof that items made it to their destination safely. Often, crate or item-level detail is shown, and invoices can be cut on the spot. These are just some of the starting benefits of POD. Here are some additional benefits:
1. Blazing fast invoicing and order to cash. Proof of delivery is exactly that: proof. With that proof, invoices tend to clear much faster. You can even integrate payment methods into a device. Invoices are approved in a fraction of the time that paper copies go through.
2. Reduced paperwork. Paper is simply hard to deal with. Forms are very prone to error; they're easy to lose, damage, and can be confusing to the receiver. In a data-driven society, truck-based paper is one of the last items remaining in a paperless supply chain. POD can help companies make that final jump and become paperless organizations.
3. Integrated location or Hours of Service data. A POD system alone is powerful. A POD system that can factor in Hours of Service tracking helps with fleet safety. Dispatchers can know what loads are within legal hours. Drivers can worry about the load, and not hours tracked. Drivers and dispatchers can be on the same page.
4. More stops in a day. POD systems allow a driver to collect information faster, getting them back on the road quicker. That can build up to increased stops per day.
5. Fewer missed appointment windows. POD systems help drivers remain within their delivery windows. Adding more time from decreased paperwork helps get more out of the day.

To learn about more about POD system benefits, visit http://www.xata.com/blog/technology/top-10-benefits-of-proof-of-delivery-pod-systems/.