SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (May 16, 2012) – Continuing on its sustainability commitment to deliver value throughout the entire life cycle, Sealed Air launches the newest addition to its family of sustainable products, Fill-Air R5® film. The inflatable packaging film significantly improves overall sustainability while continuing to deliver the performance of traditional films. It can be used on the Fill-Air® 2000 and Fill-Air Cyclone®packaging systems to quickly create air-filled cushions for void-fill applications.

“Fill-Air R5® film is a long-awaited solution for those customers who want a verifiably sustainable inflatable void-fill solution,” said David Weiss, business manager for Sealed Air’s Fill-Air® inflatable packaging. “It is truly a leading-edge innovation, which lives up to its billing. It reduces the use of petroleum-based raw materials, lowers carbon footprint compared to standard Fill-Air®Select and Ultra films and is capable of being reused or recycled.”
Fill-Air R5® film’s name represents five sustainable attributes of the material. The film contains a minimum of 10 percent thermo plastic starch (TPS) resin, which is derived from an annually renewable source. The resin also contains a minimum of 10 percent pre-consumer recycled content derived from film manufacturing facilities. 

Packers reduce the amount of material used when packaging with Fill-Air R5® film compared to other materials such as polystyrene peanuts. Because of the film’s strength and superior air retention, customers can reuse Fill-Air® cushions made with Fill-Air R5®film in other packages. Lastly, the film may be recycled with polyolefin films through local recyclers (check your local recycling centers to see if they recycle films) or by sending it to the Ameripak Recycling Center. For more information on how to recycle the film, visit

For more information on Fill-Air R5® film, call 1-800-648-9093 or visit  

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