June 27 2012 07:13 PM

As a member of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA), UPS applauds Congress for the passage of the Prescription Drug User Fees Authorization bill. The legislation is integral to ensuring the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the necessary resources to review new treatments that allow patients to receive the medicine they need to live longer healthier lives.

However, a very important safety proposal that was close to agreement did not get included in the final bill. The "Track and Trace Proposal," supported by PDSA would have provided a bipartisan national 50-state solution to supply chain safety for medicines. The current patchwork of state regulations and varying individual license requirements is an impediment to law enforcement and protecting patients. A national system would help to ensure safe passage of drugs and medical products across the U.S. and address the growing problem of counterfeit drugs through the complex network of manufacturers, wholesalers, third party logistics providers and pharmacies.

Senators Bennet and Burr and Representatives Bilbray and Matheson, who respectively co-authored the track and trace proposals, deserve credit for their leadership and commitment to shepherding supply chain safety in healthcare.

We understand that the industry, the FDA, The Pew Charitable Trust and congressional leaders were close to agreement on the proposal and we urge them to continue to work to get it done this session to provide a 50-state solution that protects U.S. consumers.