MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (August 13, 2012) - Zepol Corporation, the leading trade intelligence company, has developed a unique database which allows users to see companies that export from the United States, along with the products they send, and countries of the world where the shipments are headed. TradeIQ™ Export contains U.S. export Bills of Lading for four major carriers. The information represents all electronically available export data from the Automated Export System (AES) of U.S. Customs. Bill of Lading records go back to 2010 and are available within weeks of shipment departure.

TradeIQ™ Export makes it easy for subscribers to generate new sales leads, analyze the marketplace, and see competitors' trade activities. The interface has multiple search fields, Excel downloads, trending and more, so users can see exactly what they want and make decisions in an efficient way. 

"We have had thousands of customers use our TradeIQ™ Import tool," says Zepol's CEO Paul Rasmussen, "we're excited to offer the other side of the data with TradeIQ™ Export. Users are able to search by product, geography, carrier, port of departure, and more to get the most niche view of the trade area they are interested in." 

Zepol has an amazing team of trade data experts who help people everyday get the most out of bill of lading information. Even if someone knows nothing about this type of data, the ease-of-use of the tools, and the help of its team members, makes it simple to understand and utilize.

Zepol offers a Free Trial of TradeIQ™ Export along with its suite of trade data tools at zepol.com; simply click the orange Free Trial button on the right of the homepage.

About Zepol Corporation: 

Zepol is a Minnesota-based company that works to be the leading provider of online international-trade tools to companies and governments involved in importing into and exporting from North America. Zepol provides competitive intelligence, market research, lead generation, sourcing, and trade compliance to positively impact organizations' profitability. Zepol does all this with its four unique online subscription tools: TradeIQ™ Import and Export, TradeView™, and ComplianceIQ™. 

For more information on TradeIQ™ Export, call 612-435-2191