Phoenix, AZ-- As a part of OnTrac’s continuous effort to improve the quality and efficiency of our customer’s shipping experience, the company has launched an initiative that will include installing material handling systems in all of our facilities. 

After expanding operations into a building more than four times the size of its previous operation in Phoenix, OnTrac made the decision to install a material handling system. As a compliment to its effort to increase the throughput capacity of the facility and handle increased volume levels, this decision also enables OnTrac to improve the customer experience and reduce the number of handles per package. 

The new system has increased the company’s throughput capacity by over 300%, enhancing the speed of the OnTrac Ground Network and creating 52 new job opportunities for Phoenix residents. 

“We are truly excited about the increased capabilities that each of these new systems brings us. We are confident that these increased capabilities will give us the ability to both increase efficiencies and improve service,” said Director of Operations Development Jim Brownlow. 

Faster deliveries and more aggressive rates are a welcome concept for any business these days. These upgrades come as a direct response to the increasing number of businesses choosing OnTrac for all their overnight shipping, and guaranteed delivery needs. OnTrac is proud to offer the highest quality of service at the most competitive rates. 

“Based on what we have seen, we are confident that our process rates and efficiencies will meet and exceed our expectations,” Brownlow said. “This is not only exciting news for Phoenix but is exciting for all of the facilities that are having systems installed.”

What the business does: OnTrac is the leader in regional time-critical shipping and delivery in the 8 largest Western states. Our regional hub-and-spoke model of delivery gives us the ability to deliver packages faster, at a lower cost to our customers. 

What steps are you taking to build your business: Our ability to combine value-added features such as later pickup times, lower fees and fewer surcharges with a pricing structure of up to 40 percent less than national carriers is what grows our business. We give shippers the ability to save a transit day, and with the economy in the state it’s in, that could be the competitive advantage a shipper is looking for. Everyone is trying to save money—with OnTrac, they can save do that without having to sacrifice service. We’ve invested thousands of dollars in our material handling to keep up with our rapid growth. We’ve created 52 jobs in the Phoenix area and will continue to do so as our company grows. 

What is the greatest challenge in running your business: Trying to keep up with the growing ecommerce market. The retail industry is shifting and more and more people are looking to buy online. In an effort to remain competitive, a lot of e-retailers have started to offer “free” shipping; these days, that seems to be a sort of industry standard. Now, they need another way to gain an advantage and they’re finding solutions in the time and money they save by shipping with a regional carrier. 

How did the business begin: We started shipping under the company name California Overnight—on our first night of operations we had 11 packages to deliver and a one-state region: California. In the last 22 years we have grown our service area to 8 states in the west and our coverage area to more than 60 million people. 
Business Philosophy: We are a big company, and we are growing every day—but we have been able to maintain that small company feeling. We communicate with our customers and offer personal solutions they can’t get elsewhere. We care. We care about our customers; that means we care about every single one of their deliveries, and that’s something special to be a part of. 

What’s ahead in the next six to eight months: Maintaining the reputation as a premier regional carrier focused on growth and service. Last year, in an effort to better serve our customers, we made investments into new facilities, implemented equipment upgrades and improved our communication technology. We want to continue doing that. As our business grows, so does our ability to better serve our customers. 

Regional Advantage: Customers shipping from Phoenix can get next-day delivery within Arizona and to Southern California and Nevada at ground rates and 2-day shipping to the rest of our 8-state service area. 

OnTrac is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that provides overnight shipping at ground rates to businesses and consumers in the major metropolitan areas of California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho. The three divisions of OnTrac, Overnight, Messenger and International Mail, offer customers a broad range of services and encompass an extensive geographical area. OnTrac has supported each one of our shipments with a Money Back Service Guarantee since we started our overnight division in 1991. As a SmartWay partner, OnTrac promises to do its part to save the environment, getting your shipments there with cleaner air. For more information on OnTrac, please call 800.334.5000 or visit us online at