AUSTIN, Texas – Lone Star Overnight, a Texas-based regional package delivery company,
announced today that it will now be known as LSO, and introduced a new logo and tagline, “It’s
all in the delivery.” This new identity reflects a company that has evolved from a small carrier
servicing only select cities in Texas to one that now delivers for thousands of customers across
eleven states and Mexico, with rates and delivery options that provide outstanding value
compared to the global shipping giants. 

“Our new name and logo communicates our expanded capabilities and service areas,” noted
LSO’s President & CEO, Rick Jones. “They are a great foundation for telling the story of who
we are today: a responsive, flexible and friendly carrier, with industry-leading dependability and
reliability. We offer live customer support and personal service not available from the global
carriers. LSO’s ability to create customized shipping solutions for our clients’ unique shipping
needs also sets us apart. Doing these things differently means that, at the end of each day,
what we really deliver is peace of mind to our customers and their customers, as well.” 

Soon the new logo and tagline will be rolled out across all company communications, and be
seen on their delivery vans. For more information on LSO’s new brand identity and their
shipping services, please visit or call 1-800-800-8984.

About LSO
LSO, a leading regional small package carrier founded in 1991, has earned the highest
reliability and lowest damage rates in the industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, LSO offers
a full range of next-day, day-definite guaranteed deliveries. Extended pick-up times, early
morning delivery options and competitive rates make LSO the high-service, high-value shipping
provider. LSO’s service area covers Texas, Oklahoma, western Louisiana, southern New
Mexico and, through partnerships, California, the western US and Mexico. Unlike other carriers,
LSO ships packages point-to-point and doesn’t use conveyor belts that can damage shipments.
Fewer miles and hand-offs mean packages arrive on time and in great shape. LSO also
provides live customer support and flexible shipping solutions to help businesses grow more
customers, more revenue and seize new opportunities. For more information, visit 
or call 1-800-800-8984.