GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – October 3, 2013 – According to the recent Halloween Consumer Spending Survey conducted by National Retail Federation, nearly 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween in 2013, with 43.6 percent planning to dress in costume. With sales of costumes expected to total $2.6 billion this year, retailers are faced with increased demand for specific inventory. 

Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center, is helping its customers prepare for the Halloween season. Dematic offers a wide range of solutions that enable retailers to equip their warehouses with systems that pick, pack, sort and ship costumes and related holiday goods to anywhere in the world. 

"Halloween creates consumer demand today that's several times greater than just a few years ago. Retailers using the proper back-end fulfillment system to keep up with moving specialized inventory will be a step ahead of the rest," said Mike Khodl, Dematic, Vice President of Solution Development. "By understanding and implementing our best in class supply chain software and technology solutions, retailers can be ready for the large swell of demand that Halloween and the holiday season brings to the forefront each year." 

For example, a new goods-to-the-picker order fulfillment system can help retailers pick, pack and ship store orders more effectively from the distribution center. The system delivers items to an operator in a configuration that allows for high rate and accurate order assembly. The solution, engineered by Dematic, is called RapidPick. It consists of a highly engineered operator workstation that rotates containers of items into and out of the station so that the operator can efficiently pick items into an order container. This allows retailers of Halloween merchandise to pick smarter, faster and more accurately. 

"It's all about efficiently presenting items to the picker in an ergonomic environment and in the desired sequence, thereby creating a high performance process," 
said Khodl. 

Dematic engineers its products to be customizable depending on amount of SKUs, facility space and automation requirements. Its systems are designed to reduce downtime within the warehouse, ensuring full capacity production at all times. 

For more information regarding Dematic and/or its offerings for Halloween and the holiday season, please contact Cheryl Falk at 262-860-6715 or

About Dematic
Dematic is a global engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions. With a global knowledge network of more than 4,000 skilled logistics professionals, Dematic is able to provide customers with a unique perspective in world-class materials handling solution design. Our commitment to solution development, combined with engineering centers and manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, ensures Dematic has the range and capability to provide reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions globally. Our successful track record has led to the development and implementation of more than 5,000 integrated systems for a customer base that includes small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors. Dematic generates a global business volume of approximately $1.3 billion.