(Plano, Texas — March 25, 2014) — Wasp Barcode Technologies, a leading provider of small business productivity solutions, today announced the launch of its new line of barcode scanners. The WLS9600 and WLS8600 are designed for fast-paced barcode scanning, while the WDI4600 is intended for 2D barcode scanning.

Wasp's new line of barcode scanners are aimed to withstand industrial environments, providing customers with high-quality scanners that can easily read barcodes at an increased speed. All scanners come with a two-year warranty.

The WLS9600 (pictured at left) laser barcode scanner provides superior performance in fast-paced retail, office, and light industrial environments. For ease-of-use, the WLS9600 features a high motion pattern that allows the scan engine to scan barcodes quickly — including barcodes that are dirty or damaged. 

"The WLS9600, WLS8600 and WDI4600 take Wasp Barcode scanners to the next level," says Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies. "Not only do we provide customers with more functionality, but our barcode scanners are designed to improve customer efficiency."

The WLS8600 Industrial Barcode Scanner [pictured below] is designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments. This industrial corded barcode scanner offers superior performance that is ideal for one-dimensional (1D) barcodes in the yard, warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility, or outdoor retail store. 

The WDI4600 2D Barcode Scanner represents the best in 1D and 2D corded barcode scanning. From quick and accurate reads to intuitive motion sensing technology, this scanner instantly improves efficiency and eliminates data-entry errors in retail, office, healthcare, and light industrial environments.

WLS8600 features include:
• Lightweight rugged enclosure suited to withstand multiple 6.5 foot drops onto concrete
• High-performance laser scan engine capable of reading standard 1D barcodes from over three feet
• Carries an IP64 water and particulate sealing rating, which protects against dust and liquid spills

WLS9600 features:
• Easily reads 1D barcodes including GS1 DataBar linear barcodes and GS1 stacked barcodes (expanded, stacked, and stacked omni-directional)
• Withstands repeated 5.9 foot drops to concrete
• Carries an IP52 sealant rating, which protects against liquid spills and dust

WDI4600 features:
• Easily read all standard 1D, 2D, postal, stacked, and composite barcodes, in addition to barcodes from mobile devices and smartphones
• The aiming guide's cross provides additional precision for targeted scanning in multiple barcode environments
• Comes equipped with motion sensing technology, which automatically detects desired scanning mode

To learn more about Wasp Barcode Technologies, visit www.waspbarcode.com or call 866.547.9277. 

About Wasp Barcode Technologies
Wasp Barcode Technologies provides data capture and tracking solutions designed specifically for small businesses. Solutions include: inventory control, asset tracking, time & attendance, and point of sale (POS); as well as the supporting mobile computers, barcode scanners, and barcode printers utilized to automate operations. Wasp products help small businesses achieve efficiency through cost-effective solutions designed to increase productivity. Learn more atwww.waspbarcode.com or call 866-547-WASP.