In response to the increased need for specialized shipments to healthcare professionals and patients, Eastern Connection (EC) has expanded its growing Medical Logistics Division. Through this division, EC delivers time-sensitive supplies, requiring special safe-handling provisions, to commercial as well as residential customers. 

Serving hospitals, physician groups, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, prisons, and laboratories, along with at-home patients, Eastern Connection guarantees same-day or next-day deliveries for less than UPS and FedEx. Examples of precious medical supplies delivered by Eastern Connection include intravenous therapies, blood samples, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment. 

Representative Medical Division customers served by the Medical Division include many that require priority overnight deliveries; these include MSD, Boston Medical, Henry Schein, Byram Healthcare, and Phoenix Medical, In addition, EC works with many organizations that specifically require same-day shipments; these include Boston Scientific, Cambridge Health Alliance, Imugen, Geriatric Medical, and Bioscrip. EC’s same-day Rapid Response customers are served by the company’s vans, tractor trailers, and foot couriers. Also, as needed, EC provides same-day Next Flight Out service.

Unique Features
Eastern Connection customizes solutions to meet the unique needs of its medical customers:

• One major benefit is that drivers deliver the parcel “over the threshold” (that is, into the premises), something that the less-flexible national giants will not do. For example, Eastern Connection drivers will deliver precious shipments (such as blood supplies and fragile instruments) directly into the hands of doctors, thereby bypassing the shipping department and eliminating the margin for error. This personalized service extends to delivering products such as intravenous medicine to elderly patients living at home. 

• Medical deliveries also require drivers and foot couriers who have special training with blood-borne pathogens (spills) and public safety issues. They are Dry Ice-handling qualified and compliant with HIPPA regulations. 

• In response to around-the-clock healthcare requirements, Eastern Connection provides 24/7 shipments, including late-night pickups and early-morning deliveries to hospital emergency rooms. 

Infusing Speed into Medical Deliveries
One segment in the healthcare industry that is growing at a dramatic rate is at-home infusion, a change brought about because many patients are no longer covered for this treatment at healthcare facilities. In response, Eastern Connection has expanded its growing business-to-consumer service right to residents’ homes, delivering “over-the-threshold,” and into the hands of the recipient or onto a convenient site. These end-users are often infirm, and they appreciate the extra attention and personalization. 

MSD is a representative case study of a medical supplier that relies on Eastern Connection for on-time deliveries, advanced technology management reports, and cost-effective services that result in substantial savings.

For MSD and other customers, “STAT” has taken on new meaning.

A Question of Trust
“For healthcare professionals and patients, receiving on-time medical shipments is a necessity, not a luxury, as a patient’s life may lie in the balance. These customers need to trust their delivery service provider to be consistent and efficient,” says Ted Kauffman, Chairman of Eastern Connection. 

“In the medical industry, the stakes are very high, and the costs can be exorbitant. Accordingly, customers looking to reduce risks and improve the bottom line are increasingly turning to regional carriers like Eastern Connection,” Kauffman adds.

Founded in 1983, Eastern Connection, the largest regional small-package overnight carrier on the East Coast, covers over 6,800 zip codes in the Northeast. The company, which has 16 facilities, is open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Services include Next-Day Ground, Priority Overnight, Same-Day, Second-Day, Logistics & Warehousing, Trucking, Medical Logistics, and Expedited Mail. For more information, visit