AUSTIN, TX – June 3, 2014 -- LSO, the Southwest’s leading regional parcel carrier, today announced the availability of a new web-based solution that provides customers with the most optimal shipping solution for small and mid-sized businesses. This simple, integrated software enables customers a single, convenient, one-stop shopping portal to select the best and fastest way to ship any package, regardless of carrier. 

In a previously announced partnership with Postmaster, LSO has deployed the web-based software system, called LSO omnishipSM, whereby customers can now utilize the fully integrated multi-carrier shipping system right from the desktop. Customers can secure information and shipping rates from LSO and other national and global carriers in one easy-to-use interface allowing small and mid-sized businesses a more competitive advantage previously available only to the largest shippers. 

“LSO recognizes that customers have a choice in shipping and we happily provide them with the tool we call ‘the multi-carrier for the masses’, to source the best way to get their package to its destination quickly,” said Rick Jones, CEO of LSO. “For just pennies on the package, customers can ship quickly and easily. Naturally, we are so confident in our service, we know they’ll choose LSO.” 
The web-based solution eliminates the need for training employees on multiple platforms for different national and global carriers. In addition, customers no longer have to log in and out and toggle between carriers’ websites to determine what best fits their needs.

"Our partnership with LSO has been critical to breaking down the silos among carriers and providing customers with quick and easy solutions to their shipping needs,” said Jesse Lovelace, CEO and Co-Founder of Postmaster. 

For more information or to begin shipping parcels today, please visit LSO at or to speak to a real live customer service representative, call 800-800-8984.
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About LSO
LSO, a leading regional parcel carrier founded in 1991, is headquartered in Austin, Texas and offers a full range of next-day, day-definite guaranteed deliveries. LSO has among the highest reliability records and lowest damage rates in the industry with extended pick-up times, early morning delivery options and competitive rates throughout Texas, Oklahoma, western Louisiana, southern New Mexico and, through partnerships, California, the western US and Mexico. LSO provides live customer support and flexible shipping solutions to help businesses grow more customers, drive revenue and seize new opportunities. For more information, or call 1-800-800-8984.

About Postmaster

Postmaster simplifies and optimizes the small package shipping process, and while providing regional carrier services, also takes the pain out of integrating with carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS. An intelligent, cloud-based platform for SMBs and eCommerce companies, its simple REST API saves time and money throughout the lifecycle of shipping by providing businesses with real-time shipping cost prediction, intelligent routing and service level optimization, detailed shipment tracking, powerful reporting and auditing tools and more. Postmaster is backed by Capital Factory, Cloud Power and Zelkova Ventures, and graduated from TechStars Cloud in 2013. It was founded in 2012 and in based in Austin, TX. For more information,