Taipei, Taiwan, July 25th, 2014– Advantech-DLoG, a leading mobile computing platform provider, proudly announces the release of TREK-520 RISC-based Mobile Data Terminal. Plus TREK-303DH, a new slim and sleek 7” vehicle display system is also available which works perfectly with TREK-520 MDT. TREK-303DH has an automotive-grade working temperature ranges of -30 to 70 °C, and a resolution of 800 x 480; making it compatible with other TREK box solutions via a single cable connection. TREK-303DH can be easily controlled from the buttons located on the side; and for night driving the panel has an auto detecting light sensor to automatically adjust brightness.

TREK-520 is an economic, small profile device, designed especially for the local fleet market: local and private delivery, armor cash carriers, postal trucks, government vehicles, couriers, and LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) carriers. Built with a RISC TI ARM® processor, its special security design enhances fleet management efficiency and reduces storage risks with its 24/7 operation. TREK-520 works efficiently in a wide range of temperatures, and comes with advanced power safety features.

Advanced Security Assurance
To prevent distractions while on the road, a voice command package is also integrated so drivers don’t need to watch the screen to operate the system—they just speak the key commands and TREK-520 will recognize them. Incident handling is an important topic for fleet owners in terms of human interaction, downtime and insurance, so TREK-520 carries a 3-axis G sensor and backup battery which ensures roadside assistance and emergency even if a driver is unconscious or the vehicle's power is down.

Guard Local Fleets: 24/7 operation
TREK-520’s design makes it perfectfor advanced in-vehicle applications. Low power consumption enables 24/7 operation; it can constantly monitor and report back incidents. Theft detection, refrigeration status, or door breaches can be sent to central dispatch, even with the vehicle engine off. And when the driver leaves the vehicle, the system can still be remotely powered on by central management via SMS or phone call.

Loaded with Features to Fulfill All Your Requirements
TREK-520 has an impressive list of features. For example, vehicle cabs are subject to temperature extremes, power fluctuations and space constraints. TREK-520 with its small footprint, works flawlessly in wide temperature ranges of -30 to 70 °C and has a 12V/24V certified power profile (ISO7637-2, SAE J1455 and SAE J1113). Low power consumption means it can continue to operate even when the engine is off for an extended time. Advanced shock and vibration features are part of TREK-520’s design and it meets MIL-STD-810G/ Class 5M3 in accordance with DIN EN 60721-3-5, and has IP54 protection. TREAK also has a full complement of connectivity including RS-232 (with 12V/1A shared DC output), DI/DO connectors, and USB. The system is designed to connect to a variety of peripherals, such as a card reader, temperature sensor or door sensor. TREK-520 has flexible communication options: Dual CAN Bus with J1939 and OBD2/ISO15765 protocol to support twin engine vehicles, J1708 and J1587 protocol support, diversified wireless communications, such as cellular support (CDMA/HSPA+), GNSS (GPS/BDS/GLONASS), wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

Easy Deployment RISC Platform
The RISC TI Cortex AM37 series ARM® processor with Windows CE system is an ultra reliable and developer-friendly platform for vehicle-grade MDTs. WinCE 6.0 is default supported, and we offer Linux by project-based request. Advantech’s MRM-SDK simplifies program development so that TREK-520 can be quickly deployedto the field.

TREK-520 mobile data terminals are available now. For more information, or for information about other in-vehicle solutions, please contact Advantech directly or visit our website: